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The LABORS of HERCULES  3 Brain Teaser Puzzle Games in 1 pack

Face the Labors
of the Mighty Hercules

Dare to experience the ultimate mental challenge!

This is an extraordinary Brain Teaser puzzle that offers thrilling pattern-puzzle solving experiences.

Themed around the journey of the great Greek mythology hero, Hercules, this game consists of four Collections of three Labors each.

The puzzles were inspired from Hercules’s incremental difficulty of struggles, thus there is a symbolic respective progression in the difficulty level from one Labor to the other and from one Collection to the next.

The puzzles were designed by hand and originate in the home land of Hercules.

This awesome pattern puzzle offers unprecedented mental challenges for unbeatable solvers.
One can face the challenge by himself or herself, or share the fun with family and friends.

4 trilogies - 3 puzzle games in one pack

Choose your collection and enjoy three amazing Brain Teaser Pattern Puzzles in each pack.
Dare to face the Labors and test your limits!

The journey begins

The Nemean Lion
The Lernaean Hydra
The Erymanthian Boar

Taming the beast within

The Stables Of Augeas
The Man-Eating Mares Of Diomedes
The Cattle Of Geryon

Capture and resourcefulness

The Stymphalian Birds
The Cretan Bull
The Keryneian Hind

Before the gates of realization

The Girdle Of Hippolyte
The Apples Of The Hesperides
Cerberus, The Hound Of Hades

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